Powershop Pace Runners

On Sunday 18 February 2018 Athletics Wellington will provide pace runners for the Cigna Achilles Half Marathon and Bluebridge 10km races to help you achieve your goal time.


Why follow a pacer?

Our pacers aim to get to the finish line under their stated time, and no more than a minute or so faster. They’ll run a steady pace (allowing for variation for the wind) which means you can sit in behind them and concentrate on just running your best. They are experienced runners, covering the course in a time that is well within their capabilities, so (barring injuries which do occasionally happen) you can rely on them to get you to the finish on time.

The pacers, sponsored by Powershop, will be wearing an event T-shirt and will each have a large bib with their goal time on it to help you find them at the start or on the course. Pacers are available for the following times:


  • Cigna Achilles Half Marathon – 1hr25 / 1hr30 / 1hr40 / 1hr45 / 1hr50 / 2hr00 / 2hr10
  • Bluebridge 10km – 40min / 50mins / 60mins



Here are the profiles of some of our fantastic pacers who will be there to help you on race day:


Half Marathon – 1hr25 Alasdair  Saunders 

Alasdair Saunders has a best marathon time of 2 hours 42min, but most importantly has a reputation of being able to run remarkably evenly – just what you need in a pacer. So if you goal is 4min per km, then Alasdair is the man to get in behind.


Half Marathon – 1hr 30mins – Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith is a 26-year-old road runner based in Newtown. Recently he had a 3 month overseas trip, including running in 10 countries and cycling down the length of Vietnam. He was a pacer last year and can’t wait to meet new runners and help them achieve their goals at the RTB in 2017.


Half Marathon – 1hr 40mins – Amanda Broughton

Amanda Broughton will be helping runners to run an even pace to complete the half marathon in 1hr 40minutes. Her first running event was the Round The Bays half marathon in 2013 and she has been involved with the event every year since.


Half Marathon – 1hr 45mins – Matthew Gibbons

Matt has been racing competitively for the better part of 10 years and hopes to continue for 10 more. He has completed 3 half marathons in that time with his best time being 74mins. This is his first time volunteering as a pacer and he is looking forward to helping fellow competitors achieve their goal.


Half Marathon – 1hr 50mins – Chandima Kulathilake aka ‘Chan’

Chan is an active member in the Wellington Running Meetup and is also a coach. He writes about his running adventures on http://www.74running.com and is also the founder of Run Wellington http://www.runwellington.co.nz.  He is looking forward to pacing runners to their goal time this year.


Half Marathon – 2hr 00mins – Emma Bassett

Emma Bassett is a Wellington runner who enjoys trails, roads, and playing in all sorts of distances through to ultramarathons. She’s paced a few half marathons so will have you evenly on track for reaching your 2 hour goal – including being propelled forward by some chatting, laughter and many smiles.


Half Marathon – 2hr 10mins – Dena Valente

Dena ran her first half marathon in 2012. Since then she has raced in marathons and ultramarathons around the country and overseas. As a relatively recent running convert herself, she loves getting people involved in the sport and making running fun. She is looking forward to sharing the road and some stories with anyone looking to break the 2:10 barrier!





10 km – 40mins – Niam MacDonald

At just 20 years of age, Niam is full of youthful enthusiasm which of course runs the risk of him starting a bit too quick! But running along at 4min per km is something Niam does everyday so if you want to follow someone with lots of experience at running 40min for 10km, then Liam is your guy.

10km – 50mins – Natalie Gaskin

Natalie is one of Wellington’s top long course triathletes, last year placing second in her category at the 70.3 World Champs and 10th at the Ironman World Champs, but prior to taking up triathlon she was a runner. She looks forward to helping the 50 minute group achieve their goals.


60min10k – 60mins – Jo Badham

Jo Badham started running 17 years ago so she could run a half marathon in memory of a close family friend. She joined Scottish in 2008 and with the support of the Club her running improved year on year. Her 10km time dropped 20 minutes to a personal best of 42:04 set in 2012. Jo still enjoys getting out onto Wellington’s fantastic tracks and trails and round the bays on a still day! Having successfully paced 10k groups at the June 2013 & 2014 Wellington Marathon event and at last two year’s Round the Bays, Jo is looking forward to helping more runners achieve their goal this year.