All the gear- some ideas

//All the gear- some ideas

All the gear- some ideas

I’ve seen a lot of people out running over the past week making the most of Wellington’s good days, did I see you? 

Running & walking up hills is worth it for the views!

Running & walking up hills is worth it for the views! Head up Mount Victoria for this vista.

It looks like there are a lot of people committed to their training already. If this isn’t you quite yet, hopefully you’ll get some inspiration to go out for a run or walk this week.

In this blog post we’ll go over a few tips on the right gear to use for running. Having all the latest and greatest fitness equipment won’t make you the best runner, investing time in looking at what you need and what will suit you individually is the best way to get started.

The necessary- Shoes

Do what you can, where you are with what you have. You don’t need to spend a fortune on shoes when you are just starting out. Do a little bit of research, but don’t feel pressured to go straight for the top of the line shoes. Make sure you get running shoes and not just shoes that look sporty, some shoes are just for the gym and don’t offer you the right support for clocking up kilometers around the bays.

The Practical- Pockets

Running is more comfortable if you take the bare minimum with you, and If you’re just starting out and running for less than 30 minutes all you need is your car/ house key and maybe some cash to treat yourself to a drink post run while you debrief with your running buddies and plan the next run. Picking a pair of shorts or tights that have a small zip pocket is so handy, and means you don’t have to wear a bum bag or carry things in your hand. If you are carrying your phone with you try to have it secured in a pocket,  slotted in to an arm band or tucked in to a Spi Belt (It’s a fancy running bum bag). This means it won’t fly out of your hand, and you won’t look like a washing machine when you run with one arm at an awkward angle holding your phone.

The Nasty- Chafe

This is when your skin becomes irritated after rubbing against something. I find that if I run for longer than an hour wearing shorts then I’ll get chafe on my legs. The ideal cadence to have is 180 steps per minute. Over an hour, that means your thighs will rub together 10,800 times, it’s no wonder there is a bit of friction down there… You can combat chafe a few ways, one is with your clothing choices such as wearing tights rather than loose shorts. You can also invest in something like Chamois cream or Vaseline to rub on your skin beforehand so that you can fearlessly wear shorts on your long runs. Ladies you might get chafe from your sports bra in a few odd places and men can get it on their nipples. Avoid cotton T-shirts and your nipples will be safe.

The inevitable- Sweat

Sweat makes things smell, so throw on an old t-shirt or singlet if you don’t have any special gym gear because you don’t want to make that super cool Souvenir T-shirt you got at the Elton john concert permanently stink. If sweat patches on your lower half make you self conscious, go for black shorts or tights. Never under any circumstances go for grey…

The Unpredictable- Weather

Make sure you do at least some of your training outside. The treadmill is great for training but the inside of a gym won’t get you use to running in the elements. Training outside means you’ll know from experience what to wear on the day that will be most comfortable and appropriate for the weather conditions. You might end up running or walking in gale force winds so having a bit of practice in how to manage your ponytail in these conditions will be good. Try wearing a (very secure) cap or a headband to stop your hair going all over your face in a tail wind.

Make sure you train in the things that you’ll be wearing for the run. If you treat yourself to an entire new outfit the week before you’ll end up with blistered feet and butt chafe as a memento from your first half marathon, and you’d rather be showing off your medal than scaring people with your battle scars.

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