Being sensible about your training

//Being sensible about your training

Being sensible about your training

Four and a half weeks to go until you’ll be here!


It’s time to look back for a few glorious minutes and reflect on how far you have come and the progress you’ve made, you might be noticing some of the following things;

  • Your speed has increased
  • You can run or walk for longer
  • Your solo runs are no more and you have a bunch of friends that have been inspired to join you
  • You ENJOY getting our for a run or walk and look forward to it each week
  • You get a little envious when you see people running when you’re stuck in traffic
  • At least one person has told you to stop posting so many fitness updates on Facebook

If you’re reading this and you’re getting a similar feeling to when you’re about to knock off work for the year on December 24th and realise that you’ve missed someone very important off your Christmas list then fear not, it’s not too late for you to make a start on your training.

Stretching and Recovery

It might seem like the hard runs, the long walks and being on your feet for longer than you are use to is the hard part of training for an event. It’s not! The hardest part isn’t being able to push yourself, it’s having the discipline to be sensible about exercise and take time to let your body recover.

Go for a jog to warm down if you have been for a fast run or have done some interval training. You won’t feel like doing it so try and drag someone along with you so that you get it done.

Make time for stretching, if you are pushed for time it is better to cut your run a little short and give this priority. If you don’t know how to stretch have a look at these basic stretches. Spend at least 15 seconds on each one, if you do them all in quick succession it will look like you’re trying to dance and while that is really cool and hip and funky and (I’ll stop now) it’s not what you’re trying to achieve.

Drink water! For ever hour of exercise you need to drink a litre of water. This is especially important if you have been for a long run or walk or have been in the sun.

This week’s running route

Petone Waterfront-  (5km)

New Picture (3)Why it’s good: You get a view of Wellington and nice fresh sea(weed) air. There are lots of toilets, and several water fountains so you can ditch your drink bottle. You can stop for a swing in the playground just after the 2km mark. You can extend the run and go right up the Hutt River Trail all the way to Stokes Valley without having to cross the road. It’s mostly gravel so will give your legs a break from running on hard footpaths. If you live in Wellington it’s very easy to catch the train out here for a change of scenery, and if you’re driving the parking is free.

Oops! We forgot to add the tips for technique in the last blog. If you haven’t seen it already, here is the video introducing a few exercises you can do to help you with your running.

For more information about the Les Mills run Group click here.


If you are still struggling with your running, here is a little analogy that I thought of that you might be able to relate to. Yesterday I was eating a burger from the Greek Food Truck that parks outside Les Mills Extreme. It was so good. We’re talking top five of all time good. I was in a state of burger euphoria, beetroot juice dripping down my arm, aioli on my face, oblivious to anything going on around me it was all about the burger. Han Solo could have been in a conflict with Kylo Ren next to my desk and I would not have noticed.

You will get to a stage where you will feel like this about running. You’ll have sweat and unmentionables dripping off your nose, large circles of perspiration under your arms and you’ll be running along the waterfront with a huge smile, in a running euphoria oblivious to any rain, wind, or sand blowing in your face. I guarantee that soon you’ll love it so much that you’ll forget that you went for a run (or ate a burger) at lunch time and head out for round two in the evening.

Happy running!


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