Beyond the finish line

//Beyond the finish line

Beyond the finish line

Now that the event has finished, you’ve washed your running gear (I hope) and your legs are recovering it’s time to think about your next (few thousand) steps. If you no longer have a race date looming over you it can be hard to stay motivated to keep fit. Wouldn’t it be great to have that finish line feeling all year round?

Think about what you liked about Cigna Round The Bays, and see which of the things below is your style of exercise

1.You enjoyed exercising with a large group but moving in one direction in a straight line isn’t your thing…

Get in to a dance class! You might have seen and heard the Les Mills SH’BAM® demonstration after the race. If you need some new moves this class will help you to loosen up your hips after all that running and walking.


Some Running Unicorns enjoying the Sh’Bam demonstration


2.You loved every minute of the run. You crossed the finish line and then just kept on runnin’

Unfortunately you can’t just wake up one day and run 25km a day for the next three years (that only happens in movies!). If you’re fairly new to running it will be helpful to do some strength and cross training to ensure that you have longevity in the sport, and you don’t get injured. Get in touch with a Les Mills Gym Instructor by calling your local Les Mills Gym or email and if you’re a Round The Bays 2016 participant they will sort you out with two free workouts and have a chat to you about how to train for your next event.



3. You started the race at a pace to rival Usain Bolt, burned out and limped to the finish line

It sounds like you’ll be great at HIIT! Your talents lie in being a powerful sprinter rather than in doing endurance. Get yourself in to a Les Mills GRIT  class for 30 minutes of high intensity interval training and watch your speed and power increase even more!



4. You love the muscle definition in your legs after that running training, if you run on your hands will you get defined arms?

Handstands will give you nice shoulders, but there are easier ways of getting the same effect without having to be upside down for so long! Exercise where you move your body against resistance or force is called resistance training, and gravity is a force. You can do this at home, for example chopping firewood will give you great arms, but what if you have a heatpump, what to do then?! BODYPUMP is a class that uses resistance training to give you a full body workout. See which class fits in to your timetable here.

I hope you enjoyed the event as much as I did, and if you haven’t got a new found love for running, perhaps one of the things above will help you to enjoy getting fit until next year’s race. See you on the start line in 2017!


Amanda 🙂


Take a look at our Les Mills team photos from the day, can you see yourself in any of these shots?

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