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Get motivated! 

Motivation is key ingredient to success. Keeping active and getting regular exercise plays a crucial role in keeping ourselves happy and healthy, which is why finding your motivation is so important. We have prepared a few simple tips to help you get started! 


1. Set goals

You have read this far so you’re interested in finding the motivation to get active, right? The first step is about visualising where you want to be and setting goals to get there. These goals will look different for everyone, so you need to set goals that are relevant to you. For some, their goal might be to get outside for a walk for 15 minutes once a week for the next month, for others their goal might be to run the Round the Bays half marathon under two hours. Make sure your goals are realistic, achievable and measurable- and write them down! Commit to your goals and celebrate successes.  

2. Pick a buddy  

Find a friend and do it together! You will find your exercise much more enjoyable when you are doing it with someone else, and you have someone to keep you accountable. If you don’t have any friends or family that are keen to get active, try joining a group fitness class. These could be through a gym or your local community fitness classes. Check your community noticeboards to find out where these are. Wellington City Council also have a list of affordable fitness classes for adults. Find them here: 

If you are active on social media and plan to participate in Round the Bays, you can join our Round the Bays Training Hub Facebook group where like-minded individuals encourage each other and share ideas.  

3. Make it fun

Do what you enjoy! If you don’t like something, find an alternative. Remember that getting active isn’t just walking or running- it includes dancing, biking, rock climbing, swimming- the choices are endless. Adding some music to your workout can help to distract from fatigue and make your activity more enjoyable. Upbeat music that you enjoy has both physical and psychological benefits.  

4. Participate in events

This point is a combination of previous three. Getting involved in active events like Tough Guy Tough Gal, Relay for Life and Round the Bays not only provide you with opportunities to set goals, but it allows you to get involved with family and friends and makes the experience fun. On the Round the Bays fun run/walk course you will experience live music, giveaways and prizes, cheerleaders and you may even get sprayed by water guns! All topped off with a celebratory finisher’s festival at Kilbirnie Park. What more could you want when getting active?  

5. Reach Out

If you’ve tried the above and you are still finding motivation a challenge, don’t be afraid to ask for help. This may be from an exercise professional or even just from friends, family or your GP. You can also get in contact with your local Regional Sports Trust (like Sport Wellington) who can get you on the right track.  

The most important thing is to find out what motivates YOU. Find your ‘why’, grab a mate, make it fun, and succeed in your goals!  


Frances Rankin, Certified Group Fitness Instructor