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Participant Spolight: Vicki Priday

Round the Bays 2020 is more than just a ‘fun run’ for Vicki Priday. In fact, ‘running’ anything is not what Vicki calls fun – so why is she running Round the Bays? 

“I’ve been wanting to raise money for the mental health foundation for a long time now but didn’t know how to go about it. One night I decided that Round the Bays is what I would do so, I signed up before I could chicken out – because I really hate running!” 

Vicki is registered for the 10km course in the 2020 event, a distance that she has never attempted before. Previously this year, Vicki challenged herself to her first running event and completed a 5km course in Taupo. After this experience she did not imagine herself in another running event- until she realized the opportunity Wellington Round the Bays presented to help her give back to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. 

“People that know me, know what a struggle it is physically a 10km run will be for me. They know that I’m not a runner” 

“I was always kind of nervous about being judged about doing it [running to raise money]”  

“I think, and that it’s one thing that has come with having Holly as well, I don’t care what other people think any more. I’m living my life for me, my husband and her- and helping other people. That can only make the world a better place. I want to set that example for her that you can do things that are out of your comfort zone.” 

When Vicki had her daughter, Holly, there were complications with birth and neither of them were in particularly good health. Now that her daughter is in her life, living a healthy lifestyle is even more important to Vicki. Vicki also hopes to set an example for her daughter, to show her that it is important to live a healthy active lifestyle and it is okay to try things outside of your comfort zone! 

Suicide prevention is an area of mental health that Vicki particularly wants to raise awareness around, as this is something very close to her heart. Vicki lost her brother to suicide when she was only five years old and has struggled with mental health herself in her early 20s. The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand do amazing work throughout the country, helping people access the resources that they need and educating the community around mental health. Vicki hopes the Mental Health Foundation can continue to be able to provide this essential service to our community.  

Vicki is aiming to complete the 10km run in under two hours and has started training already! Vicki attends a fitness bootcamp twice a week and goes walking with Holly in the pram. Her aim is to exercise 5 times a week in preparation for Round the Bays. 

Along with her training, Vicki is also working hard to fundraise for the Mental Health Foundation. Her personal goal is to raise $1,000 for the foundation- at the start of December, Vicki had over $600 in donations which indicates she is well on her way to reaching her target!  

“I’m always blown away and so grateful when I do receive a donation,” says Vicki. 

If you would like to donate to Vicki, you can check out her Mental Health NZ Fundraising page here.  

Watch the full video interview below: