Participant Spotlight: Vicki Priday

10 December 2019

Round the Bays 2020 is more than just a ‘fun run’ for Vicki Priday. In fact, ‘running’ anything is not what Vicki calls fun – so why is she running Round the Bays? 

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First time doing the half marathon?

6 December 2019

This week we sat down for a chat with Personal Trainer Patrick Meo to talk about his advice for those who are doing the Round the Bays Half Marathon for their first time!  

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10 Things to know about your H2O

26 November 2019

Water is the elixir life, for sure. But for something so pure and simple there are a lot of myths and misapprehensions about it. So here’s a handy checklist for healthy hydration…

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Get motivated!

15 November 2019

Motivation is key ingredient to success. Keeping active and getting regular exercise plays a crucial role in keeping ourselves happy and healthy, which is why finding your motivation is so important. We have prepared a few simple tips to help you get started!…  

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