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Official Start Time: Sunday 17 February 2019, 7.45am

Start Line

  • The event start is in the south-bound lanes of Jervois Quay (adjacent to Frank Kitts Park, Queens Wharf)
  • Start south-bound down Jervois Quay and turn left onto Cable Street
  • Follow Cable Street past Te Papa and along to the Oriental Parade intersection (At the Chaffers Street intersection stay in the left two lanes. The right hand lane will be open for traffic)
  • At the corner of Cable Street and Oriental Parade veer left onto Oriental Parade
  • Follow Oriental Parade north-east to Point Jerningham where it becomes Evans Bay Parade
  • Continue south along Evans Bay Parade to the Cobham Drive intersection

Hydration Station 1

  • A Hydration Station serving water will be positioned at Balaena Bay on Evans Bay Parade
  • At the Evans Bay Parade, Cobham Drive and Wellington Road intersection turn left onto Cobham Drive

Hydration Station 2

  • Hydration Station two will be located on Cobham Drive just after you turn left off Evans Bay Parade
  • Follow Cobham Drive south-east to Troy Street round-about
  • At the Troy Street round-about move onto the footpath and follow Cobham Drive east to Shelly Bay Road
  • Turn left onto Shelly Bay Road and follow it north-east to the old Air Force base where it becomes Massey Road

Hydration Station 3

  • Hydration Station three will be located on Shelly Bay Road about 1km north of Miramar Pier
  • Continue along Massey Road and to the most northern point

Hydration Station 4

  • Hydration Station four will be located 200m around the northern point of Massey Road
  • Carry on south-east along Massey Road to to the turning point at Point Gordon
  • Turn at Point Gordon and head back the way you came now heading north-west on Massey Road

Hydration Station 5

  • Hydration Station four is now Hydration Station 5 for returning runners
  • Follow Massey Road south-west back onto Shelly Bay Road

Hydration Station 6

  • Hydration Station three is now Hydration Station 6 for returning runners
  • At the southern end of Shelly Bay Road turn right onto the Cobham Drive footpath
  • Follow the footpath west back to Troy Street round-about
  • After the Troy Street round-about get back onto the road and continue north-west up Cobham Drive to the Cobham Drive Evans Bay Parade intersection

Hydration Station 7

  • Hydration Station two is now Hydration Station 7 for returning runners
  • Turn left onto Evans Bay Parade, heading south
  • Follow Evans Bay Parade next to Kilbirnie Park (keep in the left lane next to the park)
  • At the southern end of Kilbirnie Park turn right into the car park and then right again onto Kilbirnie Park

Finish Line

  • The Finish Line will be positioned approx 150m onto Kilbirnie Park


Course Cut Off Times

We are very grateful to get the road closures we do for Round the Bays and it is vital that the roads are clear of participants and open for public traffic at the advertised and agreed times.

We work closely with the Wellington City Council, New Zealand Transport Agency and the Police to manage the road closures, so please note the road re-opening times and if you are still on course when a road is re-opening please move to the footpath and listen to the police or course marshals directions.


Half Marathon Course Cut Off & Road Closure Time

Cut Off Time Cut Off Location
8.50am Start Line
11.00am Jervois Quay south-bound lanes
11.00am Cable Street
11.00am Oriental Parade
12.00 noon Evans Bay Parade between Oriental Parade and Cobham Drive
11.30am Cobham Drive and Wellington Road intersection
11.30am Cobham Drive between Wellington Road and Troy Street round-about
No Closure Cobham Drive between Troy Street round-about and Shelly Bay Road – move to footpath
12.00 noon Shelly Bay Road
12.00 noon Massey Road
12.00 noon Shelly Bay Road – on return
No Closure Cobham Drive between Shelly Bay Road and Troy Street round-about – move to footpath
11.30am Cobham Drive between Troy Street round-about and Wellington Road
1.00pm Evans Bay Parade between Cobham Drive and Kilbirnie Crescent
1.00pm Finish Line