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Runners Etiquette And Tips For Getting The Most Out Of The Event 

You are more likely to have an enjoyable race if you prepare adequately for the day, not only with your training schedule, but by planning and visualising what will happen on the day.
Likewise you are more likely to enjoy the event if you follow some simple guidelines on race etiquette.


  •  Don’t eat too much on race morning but make sure you do eat something.
  • Get there early. However early you were planning to get there, get there a half hour before that. Add another 15 minutes if you haven’t pre-registered. Getting there early means you can meet people, scope the start line, find the toilets, run a warm-up, etc. It’s supposed to be fun – and stress isn’t fun.
  • Plan your trip in to help us minimise traffic. Take a free train, or bus or arrange a carpool through letscarpool.govt.nz.
  • Check out the course map ahead of time. Know where the drink stations and toilets are located.
  • Pay attention to the pre-race instructions. What you hear will not only help guide you through the course but will also keep you safe. Examples are: stay on the left side of the road, or stay inside the traffic cones, or watch the course marshals (they control traffic to make your race a safe experience) for which way to go at major intersections. Ipods should definitely be turned off during these instructions.
  • Start farther back in the pack than you think you need to. Slower runners and walkers should move right to the back of the group. For the Half Marathon we will be providing pace runners for 15 minute increments- line your self up behind the runner with the time you want to finish on.
  • If you drop something just as the race starts, don’t stop and pick it up. You’ll endanger yourself and others. Trust that a race official will get it, or move to the side and wait until everyone has crossed the starting line and then retrieve it.


  • Run or walk no more than two abreast. Other runners will want to get by you. If you are walking in a group, stay in the back of the pack.
  • If you listen to your iPod, keep it low enough so you can hear what’s going on around you. Figure out a good running “play list” for your iPod and use it rather than constantly shuffling through a song. This could distract you from any potential obstacles.
  • Move to the side if someone behind you says, “Excuse me” or “Coming through”. It is proper race etiquette to let that person through. If you need to tie your shoe, or stop for any reason, please move to the side of the road. People coming up behind you are still moving and if you stop in front of them there may be a collision.
  • Feel free to shout words of encouragement to other runners. The other runners will appreciate your cheers.
  • Pay attention to what is going on around you during the race. Just as in real life, expect the unexpected. Think loose dogs, lost kids, low branches, and potholes.
  • If you care about your time, wear a watch, and time yourself. Remember to hit it once you reach the start, and when you cross the end. Have a rough idea how fast you want to be going at each km marker. If you do wear a watch, make sure you’re not looking down at it when you cross the finish line. Practice finding the button without looking, so that we can see your smile in the finish photo.
  • At the water stops, head for the last cups not the first – and if you’re walking while you drink, get over to the left before you start. Walk while you drink. Even if you weren’t planning on walking, the 20 seconds it takes is worth it to actually drink rather than wear the water. And you’ll run faster later.
  • Try and go easy in the first half and run hard in the second. Races tend to be faster when your pace is even throughout or slightly faster in the second half.


  • Follow the instructions of the race officials at the finish. 6.5km participants will be asked to keep right as they enter the Evan’s Bay Parade, Opposite St. Patricks College, while Half Marathon runners will be asked to keep left.
  • Once you have crossed the finish line, don’t stop. Keep moving to the end of the chute and follow the instructions of the race officials. Ask your friends and family to stay back until after you have left the athlete area.


  • At the end of the run – stick around. Cheer on the later arrivals. Hang out and support them
  • Remember to return your Transponder (Shoe tag). Re hydrate with plenty of fluid especially water and  Isotonic sports drinks.
  • If you have feedback about the event don’t forget to tell us so that we can make it better next year- even if you just want to tell us what a great event it was, we’d love to hear it.
  • Enjoy the free entertainment, kick back and relax and start planning your next Round the Bays!