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Speedy Signs Pace Runners

On Sunday 17 February 2019 Athletics Wellington will provide pace runners for the NZCT Half Marathon and Bluebridge 10km races to help you achieve your goal time.


Why follow a pacer?

Our pacers aim to get to the finish line under their stated time, and no more than a minute or so faster. They’ll run a steady pace (allowing for variation for the wind) which means you can sit in behind them and concentrate on just running your best. They are experienced runners, covering the course in a time that is well within their capabilities, so (barring injuries which do occasionally happen) you can rely on them to get you to the finish on time.

The pacers, sponsored by Speedy Signs, will be wearing an event T-shirt and will each have a large bib with their goal time on it to help you find them at the start or on the course. Pacers are available for the following times:


  • Half Marathon – 1hr25 / 1hr30 / 1hr40 / 1hr45 / 1hr50 / 2hr00 / 2hr10
  • Bluebridge 10km – 40min / 50mins / 60mins